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  Annette Maree Purton                                                                                      Burnie North Western General Hospital,                                                                                                                                                      Burnie, Tasmania



Hello, I was born into the world at the Burnie North Western General Hospital, Burnie, Tasmania, Annette Maree PURTON. My parents are Mavis Rose CHATWIN and Bryon Robert PURTON. The hospital is no longer there, all I have is a photo of the hospital. A Harvey Norman Store has been built recently on the site where it once stood.  Another hospital however, has been built in Burnie.  My mum, Mavis Rose CHATWIN, has told me that I could have been born at home as my dad Bryon Robert PURTON was milking at the time.

I have a brother Russell.  Already, I have a reasonably large family,  with grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins.   My uncle unfortunately died before I was born Keith Leslie PURTON, deceased, Burnie, Tasmania.

.2014-03-31 13.25.02

My brother Russell at school

Ridgley Area School, Ridgley, Tasmania.

My mum’s mum, my grandmother Amy Louisa EDGERTON, deceased, had died when my mum was very young.  I never got the chance to meet her.

My grandparents are Ruby Alice TEMPLAR deceased, and Eric Lindsay PURTON, deceased. Roslyn Graham CHATWIN, deceased and Catherine (Kate) Ann BUCKLEY (step-grandmother) (born in England) deceased.

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  •  My grandfather Eric Lindsay PURTON, deceased, had a bush accident before I was born.  He had a bullock team and worked in the bush.  A log had fallen across his leg which meant he was pinned.  By the time he was found, it was too late to save his leg and had to be amputated above the knee.  He had to have a wooden leg made.

  • My other grandfather Roslyn Graham CHATWIN, deceased had a farm with milking cows.  He loved to play football (see photo).  He also watched for fires from a fire watchtower.  My step-grandmother’s Catherine (Kate) Ann BUCKLEY’s, deceased sister Hannah ARCHIE was my grandfather’s penpal.


“1900’s Country Football Team”

My grandfather, Roslyn Graham CHATWIN

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“Your cousins are usually the first friends you have as a child.

No-one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins,

even if you haven’t talked to them lately.”


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Great Great Great Grandparent:-

Young Eliza was an orphan and in July of 1845 was apprenticed as a servant

to a family in South County, Wicklow, Ireland.  She was tried and found guilty and

sentenced to death for killing her newborn son.


Elizabeth (Eliza) DAVIS, born 1829, Wicklow, Ireland, deceased 19 October 1898, Burnie, Tasmania.

Below is a ships log, convict record for Elizabeth Davis (EASTWOOD) together with parts of articles taken from book “ChATWIN, 6 Generations in Tasmania – Alfred CHATWIN, Researched & Produced by D. Chatwin, B. Pendrey & V. Scarcella.”

24 February 1845

“Eliza DAVIS’ case is one of tragedy, from her beginning in a founding home in Dublin, to a conclusion yet to come to light.  She was indicted for the murder on 24 February 1845 of her male child at Cronulla, Mullinacuff, at the Wicklow assizes on 8 July 1845.  The verdict of the jury was guilty, the sentence passed was execution.

12 August 1845

However, her sentence was commuted by the Lord Lieutenant from death to transportation for life.  Eliza DAVIS was removed from Wicklow Gaol, 12 August 1845 and committed to the Female Convict Depot at Grangegorman awaiting a ship for the penal colonies of Australia.”

Geonological Society of Tasmania, September, 1996

From Mullinacuffe to Emu Bay, John Kavanaugh

(from a Dublin newspaper, 1 September, 1845)

“The Tasmania convict ship.  As it was expected, the vessel would sail on 2 September 1845 from Kingstown Harbour,.  The Tasmania reached Hobart Town on 4 December, 1845 with 139 women and 37 children.  One woman, Ellen SULLIVAN and a 6 month old baby, Patrick FERGUSON died on board.  The women were given extra rations of potatoes in September 1845, just as the blight was making its first appearance in Ireland.  While 2 people died on board, a baby was also born during the voyage, to which convict is unclear.

Transportation to the penal colony of New South Wales ceased in 1840 and Van Dieman’s Land became the main penal colony receiving over 36,000 convicts between 1840 and 1853 when transportation ceased.  The Irish made up almost one third of that figure.  Single sex transportation commenced in 1806.


There was a Female House of Correction “factory” at Parramatta, Hobart.  The factory became overcrowded and dilapidated.  HMS Anson, a former naval vessel was fitted out as a female  probationary establishment in Chatham dockyard in 1843.  3,000 women were lodged on board the Anson at its birth  of the Queen’s Domain on the river Derwent over a period time.  Eliza DAVIS was one such woman.

16 June, 1846

According to her convict record sheet Eliza DAVIS spent 6 months aboard  the Anson  where she was listed as a Class 3 prisoner.  She was released o 16 June 1846.  Also recorded in the sheet are details relating to her applications for a ticket-of-leave  and a pardon as well as her marriage to a Joseph ROEBUCK.  Joseph ROEBUCK arrived in Van Dieman’s Land  in October 1841 on the ship the David Clarke.  He was sentenced  to 10 years for stealing wearing apparel. (Joseph ROEBUCK,  born 1801, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, deceased 24 september, 1873, New Norfolk, Tasmania).

20 May, 1847

Twin daughters born, St John’s Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania

– Amelia Eleanor DAVIS, 20 May, 1847, Launceston, Tasmania.

– Elizabeth DAVIS, 20 May, 1847, Launceston, Tasmania.

27 June, 1847

– Christened, St. Luke’s Church, Campbelltown, Tasmania (under Davis not Roebuck)

Marriage, 26 July, 1847

Elizabeth DAVIS and Joseph ROEBUCK,  Married 26 July, 1847, St. Luke’s Church, Campbelltown, Tasmania.  Joseph aged 43 signed his own name, while Eliza signed with an ‘x’.

June, 1850

–  Son born, Joseph Henry, 27 June, 1950 Hobart, Tasmania.


– Joseph ROEBUCK charged in the police office, Hobart Town, Tasmania.

Of being of unsound mind and unfit to be at large and unable to maintain himself.  Joseph ROEBUCK was committed to the New Norfolk Assylum, Tasmania, where he remained until his death in 24 September, 1873, aged 73.  According to her, Joseph had been unable to work for almost four years and it was through her labour that the family survived.  Sometimes I earn 30 shillings a week and sometimes less by taking in washing and mangling.

Tasmanian Pioneer Index

Eliza had reverted to her maiden name of DAVIS and the father was recorded as Amos EASTWOOD.  Amos EASTWOOD was also a convict who was transported aboard the Royal Saxon, to Van Dieman’s Land via Colaba, near Bombay, India.  He was in the 78th Regiment stationed in India, where he was court martialled for striking his superior officer, Sergeant SCOTT in December 1850.  Like Joseph ROEBUCK, Amos EASTWOOD was a Yorkshire man from Doncaster.  He was 26 when he arrived in 1851.  His trade was given as wheelwright.  His probationary period was for three and a half years, firstly in the Prison Barracks, Hobart then in 1852 at Impression Bay, near the convict depot at Port Arthur, Tasmania. (Amos EASTWOOD born 1825, Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, deceased 22 August, 1903, Emu Bay, Tasmania).

This union was to produce 6 children in all.

– Sarah EASTWOOD, born 1859, deceased, 27 November, 1900, Wivenhoe General Cemetery, Tasmania.

– Alice EASTWOOD, Born 9 May,1860, Evandale, Tasmania, deceased, Burnie, Tasmania.

– Harriet EASTWOOD, born 10 September, 1862, Longford, Tasmania, deceased 9 February 1928, Wivenhoe General Cemetery, Tasmania.

– Hannah EASTWOOD, born 19 May 1864, Launceston, Tasmania.

– Amos EASTWOOD, born December, 1865, deceased 22 May,1931, Montello, Tasmania.

– James EASTWOOD, born 2 July 1869, Launceston, Tasmania.

Marriage, 12 October, 1898

Eliza DAVIS and Amos EASTWOOD, married 12 October 1898, Emu Bay, Tasmania.

19 October, 1898

DEATH:- (Elizabeth Eliza) DAVIS, 19 October, 1898

Mrs Amos EASTWOOD, sen, of Wilson Street, the wife of a very old resident of Burnie, died yesterday morning.  Her funeral takes place tomorrow afternoon.

Emu Bay Times, Tasmania, Thursday, 20 October, 1898, aged 69.”


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Elizabeth (Eliza) DAVIS records